Antarctic Watch Headlines 09/06/2022

Antarctic stations are plagued by sexual harassment. It’s time for things to change, 2022-09-06
Antarctic science had its own #MeToo moment. Science magazine published a piece on allegations of abuse of female geoscientists in Antarctica—the most remote environment in the world.

Antarctic ‘Doomsday Glacier’ at risk of receding faster than previously feared
Washington Times, 2022-09-06
A new study of the Antarctic seafloor suggests that the massive Thwaites Glacier, part of a larger ice sheet, could start receding faster and hasten a rise in sea levels.

Warning over Antarctic ice sheet ‘holding on by its fingernails’
YAHOO!News, 2022-09-06
A massive ice sheet in West Antarctica has retreated twice as fast as previously thought over the past 200 years, researchers claim. The loss of the Thwaites Glacier, which is roughly the size of Florida,

Antarctic Doomsday glacier hanging on ‘by its fingernails,’ scientists say
ABC 7 Chicago, 2022-09-06
An artic glacier larger than the state of Florida could cause sea levels to increase if it melts further, scientists said.

Previously Unknown Loss of Antarctic Ice Discovered by NASA – “Antarctica Is Crumbling at Its Edges”
SciTech Daily, 2022-09-05
New NASA research on Antarctica, including the first map of iceberg calving, doubles the previous estimates of loss from ice shelves and details how the continent is changing. In forecasting global sea level rise,

Faster in the Past: New seafloor images of West Antarctic Ice Sheet upend understanding of Thwaites Glacier retreat
Science Daily, 2022-09-05
The Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica has been an elephant in the room for scientists trying to make global sea level rise predictions. This massive ice stream is already in a phase of fast retreat;

2021 Saw Record Sea Levels And Ocean Warming And ‘Huge Swings’ in Antarctic Sea Ice, Latest Climate Report Confirms
Forbes, 2022-09-02
Records were broken again in 2021 with greenhouse gases, ocean heat and global sea levels the highest ever recorded, the latest State of the Climate report confirms.

Antarctic Glaciers Are Melting Away at the Fastest Rate in 5,500 Years
SciTech Daily, 2022-08-25
A study finds that two major glaciers in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) are losing ice at the fastest rate for at least 5,500 years. The huge glaciers that reach deep into the core of the ice sheet might contribute up to 3.

Increased levels of fluorinated chemicals in Antarctic snow cores, scientific research
Uruguay News, 2022-09-05
Scientists have recorded markedly increased levels of ‘fluorinated forever chemicals’ in Antarctic snow which are thought to have originated from the use of CFC-replacements. A team of …

New seafloor images off the West Antarctic Ice Sheet upend understanding of Thwaites Glacier retreat, 2022-09-05
The Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica—about the size of Florida—has been an elephant in the room for scientists trying to make global sea level rise predictions.