Antarctic Watch Headlines 09/16/2022

Scientists chart 45 million years of Antarctic temperature change, 2022-09-15
Molecular fossils and machine learning have enabled scientists to build the first charts of Antarctic ocean temperatures over the past 45 million years, offering important insights into future sea level changes.

SpaceX’s Starlink now serving US Antarctic research station
Datacenter Dynamics, 2022-09-16
Starlink is now on all seven continents! In such a remote location like Antarctica, this capability is enabled by Starlink’s space laser network,” SpaceX tweeted in reply. An

No, Russia did not exit the Antarctic Treaty or discover a new continent
PolitiFact, 2022-09-14
Russia is still listed as a member of the Antarctic Treaty, a decades-old agreement that facilitates global cooperation for the purposes of conducting scientific research in and around Antarctica. Russia was reported to have received a cold reception from member nations at a May 2022 conference on the treaty,

Previously Unknown Loss of Antarctic Ice Discovered by NASA – “Antarctica Is Crumbling at Its Edges”
SciTech Daily, 2022-09-05
New NASA research on Antarctica, including the first map of iceberg calving, doubles the previous estimates of loss from ice shelves and details how the continent is changing. In forecasting global sea level rise,

How microorganisms in the Antarctic can affect sea levels in Singapore
The Straits Times, 2022-09-14
Glacial microbiologist Joseph Cook says they are amplifiers of climate change, speeding up the melting of ice sheets. Read more at

45 million years of Antarctic temperature change: lessons for the future
Universiteit Utrecht, 2022-09-15
The future loss of ice sheets and the retreat of glaciers in the Antarctic is critically important as melting ice in the region could cause sea levels to rise by several metres. The study, published on September 15 in Nature Geoscience,

What weird new parasites on Antarctic fish tell us about climate change around the world
AZ Central, 2022-09-09
An unexpected find in an Antarctic fishing expedition has given researchers a new lens into the science of global climate change.

Cold, hard facts missing from Antarctic cooling post
Australian Associated Press, 2022-09-07
Antarctic temperatures are highly variable but there has been an overall warming trend for the past four decades. A Facebook user claims temperatures in Antarctica have declined over the past 40 years,

UMaine study finds Antarctic deep-sea coral larvae may be resistant to climate change
Bangor Daily News, 2022-09-13
The larval health of an Antarctic cold-water coral species may be resistant to warming water temperatures, a University of Maine study finds, bringing new

Festival in Scotland’s National Book Town to get a taste of life in Antarctic
Yahoo News UK, 2022-09-13
AN exact replica of an Antarctic hut is to become one of the more unusual features of the annual 10-day celebration of literature in Scotland’s National Book Town.