Antarctic Watch Headlines 09/20/2022

Antarctic researchers gain insights from on high as they count seals from space
The Guardian, 2022-09-19
Scientists used satellite images and more than 300,000 volunteers to count Weddell seals, a key Southern Ocean indicator species

Aurora Expeditions and ‘Hero of the Planet’ Dr. Sylvia Earle to host an Antarctic Climate Expedition in 2023
Travel Daily Media, 2022-09-20
Aurora Expeditions is offering one final opportunity to join the world-first Antarctic Climate Expedition sailing in February 2023

Brazil’s Antarctic program to get new research ship in 2025
agenciabrasil.ebc, 2022-09-19
The Antarctic Support Ship, or Napant, is expected to replace Norway-made oceanographic support ship Ary Rongel, operational in the program since 1994.

Utrecht University: 45 million years of Antarctic temperature change- lessons for the future
India Education Diary, 2022-09-19
An international team of scientists used molecular fossils and machine learning to build the first charts of Antarctic Ocean temperatures over the past 45 million years, offering important insights in

Antarctic ‘Doomsday glacier’ hanging on ‘by its fingernails,’ study says. How it’s melting.
USA Today, 2022-09-07
Warmed by ocean currents, the Thwaites Glacier could collapse in a few years and raise sea levels by several feet

No, Russia did not exit the Antarctic Treaty or discover a new continent
Politifact, 2022-09-14
Russia is still listed as a member of the Antarctic Treaty, a decades-old agreement that facilitates global cooperation for the purposes of conducting scientific research in and around Antarctica. Russia was reported to have received a cold reception from member nations at a May 2022 conference on the treaty,

Former Director of the Australian Antarctic Division Tony Fleming dies at 64
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2022-09-19
His grandfather survived in the Northern Party in 1912, his mother’s ashes were spread at Mawson’s Hut, and Tony was Director of the AAD between 2011 and 2015.

Cold, hard facts missing from Antarctic cooling post
Australian Associated Press, 2022-09-07
Antarctic temperatures are highly variable but there has been an overall warming trend for the past four decades. A Facebook user claims temperatures in Antarctica have declined over the past 40 years,

How microorganisms in the Antarctic can affect sea levels in Singapore
The Straits Times, 2022-09-14
Glacial microbiologist Joseph Cook says they are amplifiers of climate change, speeding up the melting of ice sheets. Read more at

Record of Antarctic ice sheet response to climate cycles found in rock samples, 2022-09-17
The East Antarctic Ice Sheet is the world’s largest ice mass. Understanding its sensitivity to climate change is crucial for efforts to project how much sea level will rise as global temperatures …