Antarctic Watch Headlines 09/23/2022

Antarctic Microbes Could Help Unlock Climate Mysteries
Forbes, 2022-09-23
Argentinian-Chilean microbiologist Julieta Orlando is studying the past, present and future of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic biodiversity, including the microorganisms that could help us understand the impact of climate change on these ecosystems.

Scientists expose vulnerabilities of critical Antarctic ice shelf, 2022-09-21
Pine Island Ice Shelf in West Antarctica, which holds back enough ice to raise sea levels by 0.5 meters, could be more vulnerable to complete disintegration than previously thought. A new study led by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) scientists shows two processes,

Thwaites Glacier: the melting, Antarctic monster of sea level rise – podcast
YAHOO!News, 2022-09-22
The edge of the Thwaites Glacier extends into the Amundsen Sea in western Antarctica. NASAThis episode of The Conversation Weekly podcast is about the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. Thwaites is among the largest glaciers on Earth and one of the single most important factors for future global sea level rise.

University of Texas research into Antarctic ice provides insights into Jupiter moon Europa
YAHOO!News, 2022-09-21
The results of this study can be used to uncover more information about Europa’s habitability and to prepare the Europa Clipper spacecraft.

Antarctic researchers gain insights from on high as they count seals from space
The Guardian, 2022-09-19
Scientists used satellite images and more than 300,000 volunteers to count Weddell seals, a key Southern Ocean indicator species

Polar proof of neXat’s globality at Ukrainian Antarctic base
realwire, 2022-09-21
Scientists monitoring the ozone hole and water ecosystem from a Ukrainian research base in Antarctica will have better access to connectivity options thanks to a cloud-based services platform

Brazil’s Antarctic program to get new research ship in 2025
agenciabrasil.ebc, 2022-09-19
The Antarctic Support Ship, or Napant, is expected to replace Norway-made oceanographic support ship Ary Rongel, operational in the program since 1994.

Aurora Expeditions and ‘Hero of the Planet’ Dr. Sylvia Earle to host an Antarctic Climate Expedition in 2023
Travel Daily Media, 2022-09-20
Aurora Expeditions is offering one final opportunity to join the world-first Antarctic Climate Expedition sailing in February 2023

Record of Antarctic ice sheet response to climate cycles found in rock samples, 2022-09-17
The East Antarctic Ice Sheet is the world’s largest ice mass. Understanding its sensitivity to climate change is crucial for efforts to project how much sea level will rise as global temperatures …

Record of Antarctic ice sheet response to climate cycles found in rock samples
news.ucsc, 2022-09-16
(Photo by Jessica Gagliardi) By analyzing unusual rock samples collected years ago in Antarctica, scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz, have discovered a remarkable record of how the East Antarctic Ice Sheet has responded to changes in …