Antarctic Watch Headlines 09/28/2022

Larval health of an Antarctic cold-water coral species may be resistant to warming water, 2022-09-28
The larval health of an Antarctic cold-water coral species may be resistant to warming water temperatures, a University of Maine study finds, bringing new hope for the climate change resilience of deep-sea ecosystems in the Western Antarctic Peninsula.

Great-great niece of Antarctic explorer allowed his famous boat name for her own
Yahoo Style UK, 2022-09-27
THE great-great niece of a famous explorer has become the first person allowed to name her boat “Endurance” after the notorious ship which sunk in the Antarctic Sea.

Scientists chart 45 million years of Antarctic temperature change
Science Daily, 2022-09-25
Molecular fossils and machine learning have enabled scientists to build the first charts of Antarctic ocean temperatures over the past 45 million years, offering important insights into future sea level changes.

Antarctic Krill Feed Market Is Likely to Experience a Strong Growth During 2022-2028 with Top Countries Data | 92 Pages Report
MarketWatch, 2022-09-27
Sep (The Expresswire) — “Antarctic Krill Feed Market” Insights 2022 By Types, Applications, Regions and Forecast to 2028. The global

Antarctic Krill Feed Market Share from 2022 to 2029: Endless Opportunities for New Businesses and Cutting-Edge Innovations| Report of 121 Pages
MarketWatch, 2022-09-26
Global “Antarctic Krill Feed Market” (2022-2029) Industry Research Report focuses on the global Antarctic Krill

Antarctic researchers gain insights from on high as they count seals from space
The Guardian, 2022-09-19
Scientists used satellite images and more than 300,000 volunteers to count Weddell seals, a key Southern Ocean indicator species

Antarctic Microbes Could Help Unlock Climate Mysteries
Forbes, 2022-09-23
Dr Julieta Orlando at Picacho López Hill in Greenwich Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica. Juan Carlos Patiño Another Antarctic Researcher from the Global South is Colombian geoscientist …

Data set update: Images of Antarctic Ice Shelves, Version 2 (NSIDC-0102)
Arctic Sea Ice, 2022-09-26
Images of Antarctic Ice Shelves, Version 2 (NSIDC-0102), accessible through the NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center (NSIDC DAAC), has been updated to include MODIS imagery through July 2022.

Brazil’s Antarctic program to get new research ship in 2025
agenciabrasil.ebc, 2022-09-19
The Antarctic Support Ship, or Napant, is expected to replace Norway-made oceanographic support ship Ary Rongel, operational in the program since 1994.

Record of Antarctic ice sheet response to climate cycles found in rock samples, 2022-09-17
The East Antarctic Ice Sheet is the world’s largest ice mass. Understanding its sensitivity to climate change is crucial for efforts to project how much sea level will rise as global temperatures …