Antarctic Watch Headlines 09/29/2022

Antarctic expeditioners complain of ‘predatory’, widespread sexual harassment as minister, division urge change
Australian Broadcasting Corporation on, 2022-09-29
A review reveals disturbing reports of a widespread culture of sexual harassment at Australian Antarctic stations, including women being too afraid to disclose their periods for fear of retribution.

Antarctic workers allege sexual harassment
The Border Mail, 2022-09-29
Female expeditioners have described predatory and objectifying behaviour at Australia’s Antarctic research stations and widespread sexual harassment

VIDEO: Antarctic expeditioners complain of widespread sexual harassment
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2022-09-29
A review has revealed disturbing reports of a widespread culture of sexual harassment at Australian Antarctic stations, including unwelcome requests for sex.

Larval health of an Antarctic cold-water coral species may be resistant to warming water, 2022-09-28
The larval health of an Antarctic cold-water coral species may be resistant to warming water temperatures, a University of Maine study finds, bringing new hope for the climate change resilience of deep-sea ecosystems in the Western Antarctic Peninsula.

Old Antarctic Explorers return after last year’s snap lockdown put reunion on ice, 2022-09-29
They are the “unsung heroes of New Zealand’s Antarctic programme”, a renowned filmmaker says as the Old Explorers finally get their reunion.

700 people were scammed by the promise of citizenship of an invented country in Antarctica
Uruguay News, 2022-09-28
Twelve individuals have been arrested and 30 are under investigation in Italy for having invented the “Antarctic Theocratic State of San Giorgio” with which they swindled about 700 people by …

Great-great niece of Antarctic explorer allowed his famous boat name for her own
Yahoo News UK, 2022-09-27
THE great-great niece of a famous explorer has become the first person allowed to name her boat “Endurance” after the notorious ship which sunk in the Antarctic Sea.

Antarctic Microbes Could Help Unlock Climate Mysteries
Forbes, 2022-09-23
Dr Julieta Orlando at Picacho López Hill in Greenwich Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica. Juan Carlos Patiño Another Antarctic Researcher from the Global South is Colombian geoscientist …

Antarctic Krill Feed Market Is Likely to Experience a Strong Growth During 2022-2028 with Top Countries Data | 92 Pages Report
MarketWatch, 2022-09-27
Sep (The Expresswire) — “Antarctic Krill Feed Market” Insights 2022 By Types, Applications, Regions and Forecast to 2028. The global

Antarctic Krill Feed Market Share from 2022 to 2029: Endless Opportunities for New Businesses and Cutting-Edge Innovations| Report of 121 Pages
MarketWatch, 2022-09-26
Global “Antarctic Krill Feed Market” (2022-2029) Industry Research Report focuses on the global Antarctic Krill