Antarctic Watch Headlines 10/06/2022

Antarctic glaciers vulnerable to rising temperatures, 2022-10-04
On the East Antarctic Plateau there are huge glaciers under the sea. In order to improve future scenarios related to rising sea levels, scientists need to understand the ways in which these glaciers will respond to rising temperatures in the atmosphere and in the ocean.

Four women chosen to run Antarctic outpost and count penguins
The Guardian, 2022-10-04
Four British women picked from 6,000 applicants to spend five months counting penguins on Goudier Island

Researchers find 1 million-year-old marine DNA in Antarctic sediment, 2022-10-05
A new study led by the University of Tasmania—with the participation of the University of Bonn—discovered the oldest marine DNA in deep-sea sediments of the Scotia Sea north of the Antarctic continent.

Women at Australia’s Antarctic stations report sexual harassment, 2022-10-06
Female workers from the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) have alleged cases of sexual assault and sexism present at the stations. A review, commissioned by the AAD and carried out by Professor Meredith Nash,

Antarctic research stations rife with sexism and harassment, probe finds, 2022-10-04
A new report has found a widespread culture of sexism and sexual harassment at Australia’s Antarctic research bases. But scientists in the field say it’s not just an Australian problem.

Seasonal change in Antarctic ice sheet movement observed
Science Daily, 2022-10-06
Some estimates of Antarctica’s total contribution to sea-level rise may be over- or underestimated, after researchers detected a previously unknown source of ice loss variability. The researchers identified distinct,

In photos: Antarctic blast chills Aotearoa from the very south up, 2022-10-05
Temperatures dropped across the country on Wednesday and Thursday as a polar blast from the Southern Ocean moved northwards. Snow fell throughout the South Island, including in Southland, Dunedin, Banks Peninsula,

Newlywed leaves husband behind to work alongside penguins on Antarctic ‘solo-honeymoon’
The Mirror, 2022-10-04
Natalie Corbett, from Hampshire, married her husband George in June but is now preparing to spend the next five months in the freezing temperatures of Port Lockroy, on Goudier Island

Don’t dally: join world-first Antarctic Climate Expedition in February 2023
Australian Geographic, 2022-10-05
Aurora Expeditions, Australia’s award-winning travel adventure company, is offering one final opportunity to be a part of a groundbreaking Antarctic climate expedition led by renowned oceanographer, marine biologist,

British women to staff Antarctic’s Penguin Post Office
The Times, 2022-10-03
With sub-zero temperatures and no permanent residents other than a colony of 1,500 gentoo penguins, the remote Goudier Island in the Antarctic Peninsula is an u