Antarctic Watch Headlines 10/18/2022

NSF Confronts Entrenched Harassment at Antarctic Facilities
American Institute of Physics, 2022-10-18
The National Science Foundation is taking steps to address sexual assault and harassment at the Antarctic research facilities it supports, including launching a new office to support victims. The problem was the subject of an expansive report the agency released to the public in August.

Core ice mission for Antarctic scientists
The West Australian, 2022-10-18
Australia’s Antarctic scientists are about to embark on a mission to drill for a million-year-old ice core that will hopefully provide valuable climate info.

East Antarctic glacier melting at 70.8bn tonnes a year due to warm sea water
The Guardian, 2022-10-14
Denman glacier in remote part of the continent could become unstable, possibly contributing to more sea level rise than predicted

Diary of youngest member of Scott’s Antarctic voyage published 55 years after his death
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2022-10-15
Legend says young Clarence Hare’s dog helped him survive two days in an Antarctic blizzard 120 years ago. Now you can read Hare’s diary.

Douglas Mawson: a tale of tragedy and survival in the Antarctic
History Extra, 2022-10-14
Douglas Mawson is not the most famous hero of Antarctic exploration, but, as Nige Tassell reveals, the Australian overcame the odds in one of the age’s most disastrous

Adelie penguin population off east Antarctic coast in rapid decline: researchers
Xinhua-Culture&Travel on, 2022-10-12
An Adelie penguin is seen near the Zhongshan Antarctic Station, Jan. 9, 2015. (Xinhua/Bai Yang) A large Adelie penguin population off the east Antarctic coast has declined by 43 percent over the last decade.

Mittens, harpoons and one very cold canary: the history of the Antarctic in 100 surprising objects
The Daily Telegraph on, 2022-10-14
Jean de Pomereu and Daniella McCahey’s handsome survey takes in the world’s most remote region, from a dinosaur femur to ‘pee flags’

Seasonal change in Antarctic ice sheet movement observed
Science Daily, 2022-10-06
Some estimates of Antarctica’s total contribution to sea-level rise may be over- or underestimated, after researchers detected a previously unknown source of ice loss variability. The researchers identified distinct,

Australian Centre for Excellence in Antarctic Science launched in Hobart
The Mercury, 2022-10-16
A newly established research centre based in Hobart will seek to gain a better understanding of how East Antarctica and the Southern Ocean are influencing climate change, with its work expected to be of global significance.