Antarctic Watch Headlines 10/24/2022

Russia and China must ‘get on side with conservation’, US tells Antarctic commission meeting in Hobart
The Guardian, 2022-10-24
US assistant secretary of state says two countries have stopped creation of new protected areas in Antarctica ‘for too long’

Massive Antarctic iceberg ripped in two by powerful ocean currents on, 2022-10-23
Fractures in an Antarctic iceberg were likely caused by rapid changes in the currents that flow through the Southern Ocean.

Strong Antarctic polar vortex adds to south-east Australian rainfall and flood risk, BOM says
Australian Broadcasting Corporation on, 2022-10-22
Winds high above Antarctica spinning at 200km/h are adding to south-east Australia’s flood risk, according to the BOM. It’s deepening the risk of rainfall that’s already elevated by La Niña and the Indian Ocean Dipole.

Urgent call for governments to adopt Antarctic wildlife protection measures, 2022-10-23
NGOs call on governments attending the 41st annual meeting of the Commission for Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) to take urgent action to agree

Feat of Endurance: Mensun Bound’s search for Shackleton’s lost Antarctic ship
Irish Examiner on, 2022-10-23
Works of art on the seabed, skulls gaping up through the sediment, Tudor gold, and Ming china is all in a day’s work for the marine archaeologist Mensun Bound, the first person to see Shackleton’s End

2022-23 Antarctic season: Ambitious polar voyage to drill for million year ice core
The Mercury, 2022-10-22
IN one of the most ambitious polar science missions ever attempted by Australia, a team of intrepid explorers will this summer penetrate into Antarctica’s mysterious deep east in search of a one-million-year-old ice core.

Fish-feed industry turns to krill, with unknown effects on the Antarctic ecosystem
Mongabay on, 2022-10-19
Ground-up Antarctic krill ( Euphausia superba ), a shrimp-like crustacean a few centimeters long, reach this warehouse after being processed on board Aker BioMarine’s vessels trawling the Southern Ocean around Antarctica.

East Antarctic glacier melting at 70.8bn tonnes a year due to warm sea water
The Guardian, 2022-10-14
Denman glacier in remote part of the continent could become unstable, possibly contributing to more sea level rise than predicted

Core ice mission for Antarctic scientists
The West Australian, 2022-10-18
Australia’s Antarctic scientists are about to embark on a mission to drill for a million-year-old ice core that will hopefully provide valuable climate info.

My hunt for Shackleton’s Endurance under the Antarctic ice
The Times, 2022-10-21
Mensun Bound’s lifelong quest has been to find Sir Ernest Shackleton’s legendary ship. He explains what it was like to see it for the first time, more than 100 years after it was lost