Antarctic Watch Headlines 11/06/2022

Russia, China block plans for Antarctic marine protections
Seattle Times, 2022-11-05
Russia and China have again blocked plans supported by the European Union, the United States and 23 other nations to protect three vast stretches of ocean around Antarctica from most fishing.

BAS has launched its Antarctic field season with an ambitious range of projects
MercoPress, 2022-11-05
The British Antarctic Survey, BAS, Antarctic field season has begun, with a challenging and ambitious range of projects to be delivered at five BAS research stations and across the wider continent. Over 500 people are working in Antarctica this season on BAS research stations,

The mysterious river hidden under the Antarctic Ice Sheet that could be speeding up ice loss, study finds
Daily Mail, 2022-10-27
A river longer than the Thames has been discovered under the Antarctic Ice Sheet, and scientists say it could be speeding up ice loss as the climate warms. The 286 mile-long (460 km) waterway has …

Enormous river discovered beneath Antarctica is nearly 300 miles long
Live Science, 2022-11-02
The hidden river could accelerate ice loss. A river longer than England’s Thames flows beneath the Antarctic ice sheet, draining an area the size of France and Germany combined, new research reveals.

New research shows Antarctic summer thaw starts earlier, ends later than previously believed, 2022-10-31
The research, titled “Timing and duration of ephemeral Antarctic water tracks and wetlands using high temporal-resolution satellite imagery, high spatial-resolution satellite imagery, and ground …

Russia may again block Antarctic marine protections
SFGate, 2022-10-27
Just this month, Russian bombing in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, partially destroyed Ukraine’s Antarctic research center. Yet despite the enormous political hurdles, some remain hopeful that …

460-km-long river discovered snaking though base of Antarctic ice sheet
New Atlas, 2022-10-27
Among the many mechanisms shaping the Antarctic ice sheet are the processes playing out in its lower layers, and a newly discovered sub-glacial river suggests it may drain away faster than we thought.

Antarctic ozone hole shrinks slightly
The Hill, 2022-10-26
The hole in the Antarctic ozone layer shrank to about 8.9 million square miles in 2022, continuing a year-over-year trend, according to the latest data from NASA and the National Oceanic and …

River longer than the Thames beneath Antarctic ice sheet could affect ice loss
Science Daily, 2022-10-27
An unexpected river under the Antarctic ice sheet affects the flow and melting of ice, potentially accelerating ice loss as the climate warms. The 460km-long river is revealed in a new study …