Antarctic Watch Headlines 11/11/2022

Antarctic ice catches neutrinos from a distant black hole
Inverse on, 2022-11-11
The IceCube observatory detected 80 of the elusive particles from the heart of spiral galaxy NGC 1068, also called the Squid Galaxy.

An Antarctic Neutrino Telescope Has Detected a Signal From the Heart of a Nearby Active Galaxy
Singularity Hub, 2022-11-11
Because neutrinos so rarely have anything to do with other particles, they can travel unimpeded across the universe.

Scientists Are Uncovering Ominous Waters Under Antarctic Ice
Wired, 2022-11-08
A super-pressurized, 290-mile-long river is running under the ice sheet. That could be bad news for sea-level rise.

No. 16 | Antarctic Treaty System shows resilience in the face of Ukraine war tensions
Wilson Center, 2022-11-10
The second major diplomatic meeting under the Antarctic Treaty System since the start of the Ukraine war concluded on November 4 in Hobart, Tasmania and many were waiting to see if the Treaty System,

Antarctic Research Station Kept on Track by BIM Teaming
Engineering News-Record, 2022-11-09
The British Antarctic Survey’s Antarctic Infrastructure Modernization Program includes the largest building yet at BAS’ Rothera station—the 50,0000-sq-ft Discovery Building.

Antarctic-Bound Tractors Prepared for Final Leg of Epic Journey
CSR Wire, 2022-11-11
It’s been a journey two years in the making, but three tractors are preparing to embark for a unique new home, far from the Australian paddocks in which they’re usually seen.

Covid outbreak at Antarctic research station forces temporary travel ban
NBC News on, 2022-11-07
A Covid outbreak at McMurdo Station in Antarctica has forced U.S. officials to temporarily halt all travel to the remote outpost.

BAS has launched its Antarctic field season with an ambitious range of projects
MercoPress, 2022-11-10
The British Antarctic Survey, BAS, Antarctic field season has begun, with a challenging and ambitious range of projects to be delivered at five BAS research stations and across the wider continent. Over 500 people are working in Antarctica this season on …