Antarctic Watch Headlines 11/18/2022

There Could Be Something Big Living Deep Beneath the Antarctic Ice
Newsweek, 2022-11-17
There are two different types of Antarctic ice: land ice and sea ice. Sea ice is formed when the upper layers of the Southern Ocean freeze over. The ice cover is seasonal and, in the summer, most of this ocean ice melts away. Blooms of photosynthetic algae …

Chemical weapons may not protect Antarctic seafloor animals and their value for drug discovery
EurekAlert!, 2022-11-17
In a Marine Drugs paper she completed during her tenure at the MBL last summer, Avila and her colleagues put the chemical defenses of 29 Antarctic species to the test. To stand in for hungry alien species, the team used two types of predators collected …

Vast phytoplankton blooms may be lurking beneath Antarctic ice, 2022-11-17
Until now, it’s been a common belief that the packed sea ice of the Southern Ocean blocked all light from reaching the sea beneath, preventing phytoplankton—tiny algae that are the base of aquatic food webs—from growing there.

Scientists suspect microscopic life may be blooming under Antarctic sea ice
Inverse, 2022-11-17
According to the findings, anywhere between three and five million kilometers of the Southern Ocean could have the right light conditions to support phytoplankton blooms, suggesting “widespread” phytoplankton blooms may be hiding beneath Antarctic sea ice.

Study reveals co-evolution of Indian Summer Monsoon and Antarctic Intermediate Water, 2022-11-16
The Last Deglacial (~19 ka BP ~ 11.5 ka BP) is the period of transition from the last major ice age to the warm period in the evolution of Earth’s climate.

Scientists say harassment in the Antarctic must stop — but US plan falls short
Nature, 2022-11-16
National Science Foundation pledges changes to address sexual harassment and assault in its Antarctic research programme.

This Paralympian Will Attempt to Cross the Antarctic Plateau on a Hand Bike
Outside, 2022-11-17
British explorer Karen Darke wants to become the first paraplegic person to ride an adaptive cycle in Antarctica

Captain Preet Chandi: Antarctic trekker sets off with record in sight
YAHOO!News, 2022-11-14
Preet Chandi, known as “Polar Preet”, aims to travel more than 1,100 miles across the frozen continent. On Monday, she set off from Hercules Inlet and hopes to reach Reedy Glacier within 75 days. The 33-year-old,

BAS has launched its Antarctic field season with an ambitious range of projects
MercoPress, 2022-11-16
The British Antarctic Survey, BAS, Antarctic field season has begun, with a challenging and ambitious range of projects to be delivered at five BAS research stations and across the wider continent.

Antarctic trekker sets off with record in sight
BBC News on, 2022-11-14
An Army officer who made history trekking to the South Pole has begun a challenge to become the first woman to cross Antarctica alone and unsupported.Preet Chandi, known as “Polar Preet”, aims to travel more than 1,