Antarctic Watch Headlines 11/22/2022

World’s Most Luxurious Expedition Ship Christened in Antarctica
Cruise Hive, 2022-11-22
Silver Endeavor has been named in Antarctica, using an ice carving in an appropriate ceremony for Silversea Cruises’ newest mega-yacht.

Two US cruise passengers drown during a Zodiac excursion in Antarctic waters
MercoPress, 2022-11-22
Two United States cruise passengers drowned in Antarctica during a tour in a semi-rigid inflatable Zodiac boat, which capsized for reasons still to be determined. Fortunately, other passengers on board were rescued on time from the frigid waters.

There Could Be Something Big Living Deep Beneath the Antarctic Ice
Newsweek, 2022-11-17
The barren landscape of Antarctica is concealing hidden ecosystems, which might give us clues about life on other planets.

Chemical weapons may not protect Antarctic seafloor animals and their value for drug discovery
EurekAlert!, 2022-11-17
In a “Marine Drugs” paper, Conxita Avila and her colleagues test the chemical defenses of 29 Antarctic marine species in terms of their ability to repel foreign predators. They found most of the Antarctic species could repel Mediterranean amphipods,

Scientists suspect microscopic life may be blooming under Antarctic sea ice
Inverse on, 2022-11-17
Researchers discover evidence that suggests large-scale phytoplankton blooms could exist under sea ice in Antarctica — a surprising revelation.

S. Korea to build polar research base in inland Antarctica by 2030
Yonhap News on, 2022-11-22
South Korea plans to build an Antarctic inland research station by 2030 in a move to better respond to climate change and lead global research into the little-known region, the oceans ministry said Tuesday.

Belarusian explorers in 15th Antarctic expedition begin scientific research
eng.belta, 2022-11-21
According to Aleksei Gaidashov, life support systems, means of transportation and communication are operating in normal mode. The Belarusian Antarctic station Gora Vechernyaya has the necessary supplies of fuel,

Historic England Partners with UK Antarctic Heritage Trust on the Future Protection of Shackleton’s Endurance
Historic England, 2022-11-21
A new Conservation Management Plan will aim to communicate the importance of the site and recommend measures to conserve the wreck.

Chemical defenses may not protect Antarctic seafloor animals, jeopardizing their value for drug discovery, 2022-11-17
In a Marine Drugs paper she completed during her tenure at the MBL last summer, Avila and her colleagues put the chemical defenses of 29 Antarctic species to the test. To stand in for hungry alien …