Antarctic Watch Headlines 12/05/2022

They were rocked by blast and rogue wave during Antarctic cruise. They share their story.
YAHOO!News, 2022-12-05
A Kansas woman tells about how an explosion occurred beneath the floor of a heavy-duty inflatable vehicle on which she was riding on Antarctica.

Viking Polaris passengers speak out after ‘rogue wave’ strikes Antarctic cruise ship, killing American woman
YAHOO!News, 2022-12-05
Travelers onboard the Viking Polaris, which was struck by a “rogue wave” while sailing to Argentina last week, are now speaking out about the ordeal.

Terror in the Antarctic: graphic novels revisit the horror of the ‘worst journey in the world’
The Guardian, 2022-12-04
Garrard’s classic book about Scott’s doomed Antarctic expedition, a new graphic novel version revisits his terrible tale

Antarctic ice: A better knowledge of the ocean improves the predictability of sea ice variability, 2022-12-05
Antarctic sea ice deeply affects the global climate in several ways. It regulates the exchanges of heat and gases between the ocean surface and the atmosphere, and drives the formation of the Antarctic Bottom Water that travels over global oceans.

Exploring a Warm Water Inflow Below an Antarctic Ice Shelf
Eos, 2022-12-05
Researchers guided an autonomous underwater submarine to capture the first direct observations of a warm water current flowing in below the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

US passenger killed after huge ‘rogue wave’ strikes Antarctic cruise ship
The Guardian, 2022-12-03
A woman was killed and four others were injured after the Viking Polaris vessel was hit by a big wave off southern Argentina

1 dead, 4 injured after ‘rogue wave’ strikes Antarctic cruise ship
ABC News on, 2022-12-03
A passenger on an Antarctic cruise died and four others were injured after their Viking ship was struck by a “rogue wave,” the cruise line said.

‘Rogue wave’ kills American woman, injures four on Antarctic cruise
CBS News, 2022-12-03
One passenger was killed and four injured when a “rogue wave” hit their cruise ship during a storm earlier this week.