Antarctic Watch Headlines 12/13/2022

Shackleton’s Antarctic voyage to be recreated by rowing team honouring Harry ‘Chippy’ McNish, 2022-12-13
Fiann Paul is set to lead a team of six ocean rowers, and hopes to become a ‘badass’ by notching up some world firsts in journey honouring Harry ‘Chippy’ McNish.

As TikToks about Antarctic tourism go viral, some worry about the environmental costs
NBC News on, 2022-12-12
Then, in a video posted Wednesday, TikTok creator Jordan Newton vlogged her Antarctic ice camping experience. The video has nearly 1 million views. Many TikTok users expressed fascination with the Antarctic travel content,

Adventurer attempts Antarctic row after heart surgery
BBC, 2022-12-12
A man is to attempt one of the world’s most dangerous rows in the Antarctic in honour of the “forgotten hero” of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance voyage – just months after open heart surgery. Jamie Douglas-Hamilton will row from Elephant Island to South Georgia.

User notice: U.S. National Ice Center Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Charts in SIGRID-3 Format, Version 1
Arctic Sea Ice, 2022-12-13
It has come to our attention that for charts from the beginning of the series in January 2003 through January 2006, the U.S.

The time is right for an Antarctic biorepository network
PNAS, 2022-12-08
We need to establish a biorepository network of Antarctic specimens to not only address the most critical questions in Antarctic science but also to improve human welfare and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Antarctic ice: A better knowledge of the ocean improves the predictability of sea ice variability, 2022-12-05
Antarctic sea ice deeply affects the global climate in several ways. It regulates the exchanges of heat and gases between the ocean surface and the atmosphere, and drives the formation of the Antarctic Bottom Water that travels over global oceans.