Antarctic Watch Headlines 12/15/2022

The Arctic and Antarctic saw record warmth and ice melt in 2022
New Scientist, 2022-12-15
The sea ice around Antarctica shrank to the smallest area ever recorded in early 2022, and there were exceptionally high temperatures at both poles

Tipperary’s Seán Tobin wins Antarctic Ice Marathon in record time
The Irish Times, 2022-12-15
Seán Tobin went the opposite way about it, and in more ways than one. Because while most of the country was braced for the Arctic-like conditions throughout this week, Tobin was among the naturally select few runners embracing the Antarctic Ice Marathon,

RRS Sir David Attenborough docks in Falklands: Saturday begins Antarctic round at Rothera Base
MercoPress, 2022-12-15
Falkland Islands RRS Sir David Attenborough has arrived to the Islands, and docked at East Cove, and is scheduled to leave for the Rothera Base on Saturday, beginning the Antarctica campaign.

As TikToks about Antarctic tourism go viral, some worry about the environmental costs
NBC News on, 2022-12-12
Then, in a video posted Wednesday, TikTok creator Jordan Newton vlogged her Antarctic ice camping experience. The video has nearly 1 million views. Many TikTok users expressed fascination with the Antarctic travel content,

Level of service upgrade: Images of Antarctic Ice Shelves, Version 2 (NSIDC-0102)
Arctic Sea Ice, 2022-12-14
Images of Antarctic Ice Shelves, Version 2 (NSIDC-0102), accessible through the NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Ce

The time is right for an Antarctic biorepository network
PNAS, 2022-12-08
We need to establish a biorepository network of Antarctic specimens to not only address the most critical questions in Antarctic science but also to improve human welfare and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Antarctic ice: A better knowledge of the ocean improves the predictability of sea ice variability, 2022-12-05
Antarctic sea ice deeply affects the global climate in several ways. It regulates the exchanges of heat and gases between the ocean surface and the atmosphere, and drives the formation of the …

Great Yarmouth museum displays Scott of the Antarctic skis
EDP 24, 2022-12-15
He is one of this country’s greatest heroes who lost his life in a daring race across a frozen continent. The tale of Scott of the Antarctic has inspired countless explorers after his doomed expedition claimed his life and four others in 1912 as they …

Antarctic fellowship recipients announced on Antarctic Treaty anniversary
MercoPress, 2022-12-13
It was in support of the Antarctic Treaty’s unique mission that IAATO came into being 31 years ago, and in 2019 launched the Antarctic Fellowship with the intention of supporting talented early …