Antarctic Watch Headlines 12/17/2019

The Deepest Point on Land Is Hidden Beneath an Antarctic Glacier
Popular Mechanics, 2019-12-16
Scientists have plumbed the deepest depths ever discovered on land, and it lies beneath an Antarctic glacier. Tucked beneath East Antarctica’s Denman Glacier, the cavernous trench plunges roughly 2 miles (11,500 feet) below sea level, according to research presented last week at the American Geophysical Union Meeting in San Francisco.

‘Lost’ Iron Meteorites May Lurk Beneath Antarctic Ice. Scientists on Quest to Find Them.
Space on, 2019-12-15
Scientists are scouring the remote Antarctic ice cap for rare meteorites chock-full of iron and holding secrets to the history of our solar system going back some 4.5 billion years.  During a six-week British expedition, the team hopes to find up to five iron meteorites in the five square mile (15 square kilometers) survey area — enough for scientists to examine for key chemical and physical clues to conditions in the early solar system.

A Flexible Diet is Key to Antarctic Penguin Survival, Study Finds
Forbes, 2019-12-12
Antarctica is home to a myriad of penguin species including the emperor penguin, gentoo penguin, and chinstrap penguin. A gentoo penguin leaps off of an ice floe and into Mikkelsen Harbor in the Antarctic Peninsula. Gentoo and chinstap penguins are closely related, and both reside on the Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands, and South Georgia.

Barrels of ancient Antarctic air aim to track history of rare gas, 2019-12-13
Though rare, the atmospheric detergent known as hydroxyl can scrub the atmosphere and determine the fate of more plentiful gases that affect Earth’s climate. An Antarctic field campaign last winter led by the U.S. and Australia has successfully extracted some of the largest samples of air dating from the 1870s until today. These samples are a …

Maps That Peer Below Antarctic Ice Show Precarious Position of Key Glacier
Scientific American, 2019-12-13
Known as “BedMachine Antarctica,” the project presents a comprehensive layout of the landscape underneath the ice—all the bumps, ridges and chasms in the bedrock that form the Antarctic continent and holds its glaciers in place. Led by scientists from the University of California, Irvine, the researchers have steadily added to the data …

Map reveals land beneath Antarctic ice sheet in unprecedented detail, 2019-12-12
RELATED Antarctic ice instability could yield rapid melting, dramatic sea level rise To build the new map, scientists sourced data from a wide diversity of sources, including observations from 19 surveys of Antarctic ice thickness. The mapping model utilized ice flow velocity and seismic data, as well as topography measurements made by NASA’s …

The unique structural features of carbonmonoxy hemoglobin from the sub-Antarctic fish Eleginops maclovinus
Nature, 2019-12-12
Here, we report the crystal structure of a carbonmonoxy form of the Hb isolated from the sub-Antarctic notothenioid fish Eleginops maclovinus characterised by either rare or unique features. In particular, the distal site of the α chain results to be very unusual since the distal His is displaced from its canonical position. This displacement …

Team releases high-precision map of Antarctic ice sheet bed topography, 2019-12-12
The new Antarctic bed topography product was constructed using ice thickness data from 19 different research institutes dating back to 1967, encompassing nearly a million line-miles of radar soundings. In addition, BedMachine’s creators utilized ice shelf bathymetry measurements from NASA’s Operation IceBridge campaigns, as well as ice flow …

Chile combs Antarctic for missing plane with 38 aboard
Charlotte Observer, 2019-12-10
Search crews are combing the Antarctic for a Chilean military transport plane carrying 38 people that vanished en route to a base on the frozen continent and will tirelessly press ahead as the hunt gains widening international support, officials said Tuesday. Gen. Eduardo Mosqueira said Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and the United States had each …

Antarctic video reveals deepest canyon on Earth
Science | AAAS, 2019-12-13
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA—Despite scientists’ best efforts to probe the land beneath Antarctica’s ice sheets with radar, the continent’s sheer size and remoteness has left many gaps in existing surveys. That changed this week with a new map, called BedMachine Antarctica, released at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union here and …

Deep glacial troughs and stabilizing ridges unveiled beneath the margins of the Antarctic ice sheet
Nature, 2019-12-12
The Antarctic ice sheet has been losing mass over past decades through the accelerated flow of its glaciers, conditioned by ocean temperature and bed topography. Glaciers retreating along retrograde slopes (that is, the bed elevation drops in the inland direction) are potentially unstable, while subglacial ridges slow down the glacial retreat.

Active Antarctic Volcano’s ‘Ice Tongue’ Captured in Stunning Space Photo
WWLTV, 2019-12-17
Earth’s southernmost active volcano is Mount Erebus, which has a serrated ‘knife’ shape extending out from it called the ‘Erebus Ice Tongue.’

You can get paid £66k a year as a tradesman with ZERO living expenses – but you’d have to move to the Antarctic
The Sun, 2019-12-17
The only catch is, you’d have to move to Antarctica. You can get a job in the Antarctic that pays lots of money plus a bonusCredit: Australian Antarctic Division About 150 people are needed to fill some of the most adventurous jobs on the planet at Australia’s research stations on Antarctica. And it turns out the wages are really, really good …

Australian Antarctic Division is looking for people to work on Antarctica for great wages, 2019-12-17
And it turns out the wages are really, really good on the frozen continent. The Australian Antarctic Division has put out the call for skilled workers to fill a variety of roles to keep the research station running for the 2020-21 season. The jobs, which are mainly trades-based, range for four-month summer jobs to 15-month postings over winter.

Canada’s Roy Jorgen Svenningsen, 84-Year-Old, Becomes Oldest to Run Antarctic Ice Marathon, 2019-12-17
Roy Jorgen Svenningsen of Canada, who is 84 year old, on Monday became the oldest ever to finish the Antarctic Ice Marathon. Svenningsen started the race on December 13 and took 11 hours, 41 minutes to reach the finish line on December 16. Roy, a retired oil worker, is from the Canadian city of Edmonton, and he has been running since 1964.

84-year-old Canadian becomes oldest person to run Antarctic marathon
CTV News, 2019-12-16
After a gruelling 11 hours and 41 minutes, Roy Jorgen Svenningsen became the oldest person ever to cross the finish line at the Antarctic Ice Marathon. But he almost didn’t make it. “At one point, I thought, I don’t think I’m going to do this all the way,” Svenningsen told Monday from a hotel room in Chile. The Edmonton man …

84-year-old Canadian completed grueling Antarctic Ice Marathon
New York Post, 2019-12-16
If this doesn’t prove that age is just a number, then what will? At 84 years old, Roy Jorgen Svenningsen became the oldest person ever to complete a marathon in Antarctica when he crossed the finish line of the Antarctic Ice Marathon on Friday. Greeted by a chorus of people chanting his name at the end, Svenningsen finished the race in 11 …

ANTARCTIC PRESS March 2020 Solicitations
Newsarama, 2019-12-16
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84-year-old completes Antarctic Ice Marathon
RTE Online, 2019-12-16
An 84-year-old Canadian man became the oldest person to ever run a marathon in Antarctica as he completed the Antarctic Ice Marathon on Friday, along with 55 other runners representing 17 countries. The senior runner, Roy Jorgen Svenningsen, was not the only marathoner to set a record at the extreme running event as this year’s winner …

84-year-old Canadian becomes oldest to run Antarctic marathon
The Tribune, 2019-12-17
An 84-year-old Canadian national named Roy Jorgen Svenningsen has become the oldest person ever to complete the Antarctic Ice Marathon. According to a report in CTV, Svenningse, who started the race December 13, took 11 hours and 41 minutes to finish it on Monday. “At one point, I thought, I don’t think I’m going to do this all the way,” Roy said.