Antarctic Watch Headlines 12/20/2022

What’s the coldest spot on Earth? NASA has pinpointed it — and the nights are deadly
Kansas City Star, 2022-12-19
Looking for the coldest place to spend the holiday season?” the space agency asked in a Facebook post. “You won’t find anyone else there, but the coldest place we’ve found on Earth (with the help of NASA Earth satellites) is a high ridge on the East Antarctic Plateau.

Runners brave the cold for Antarctic Ice Marathon
Reuters, 2022-12-16
Courageous runners braved snow and freezing temperatures this week for the Antarctic Ice Marathon, won by Ireland’s Sean Tobin who organisers said clocked a record time on the continent.

The Arctic and Antarctic saw record warmth and ice melt in 2022
New Scientist, 2022-12-15
The sea ice around Antarctica shrank to the smallest area ever recorded in early 2022, and there were exceptionally high temperatures at both poles

Irish man wins Antarctic Ice Marathon
YAHOO!News, 2022-12-16
STORY: The event, the 17th of its kind, took place on Wednesday at Union Glacier, with more than 60 competitors from 20 nations taking part. Organisers describe it as “the southernmost marathon on Earth”.

Antarctic fellowship recipients announced on Antarctic Treaty anniversary
MercoPress, 2022-12-19
It was in support of the Antarctic Treaty’s unique mission that IAATO came into being 31 years ago, and in 2019 launched the Antarctic Fellowship with the intention of supporting talented early …

As TikToks about Antarctic tourism go viral, some worry about the environmental costs
NBC News, 2022-12-10
Travel company Oceanwide Expeditions describes the Drake Passage as a “lively little waterway” and the “gateway to the Antarctic.” Depending on the weather and other seasonal conditions …

Local History: Pilot who crashed in Antarctic comes home for Christmas
The Scranton Times-Tribune, 2022-12-18
First came a roar from the plane’s engines, then a crash into the frozen tundra of the South Pole.

The time is right for an Antarctic biorepository network
PNAS, 2022-12-08
We need to establish a biorepository network of Antarctic specimens to not only address the most critical questions in Antarctic science but also to improve human welfare and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

This season’s first penguin chick born near Ukrainian Antarctic Station
YAHOO!News, 2022-12-09
This season’s first subarctic penguin chick has been born near the Vernadsky Research Base, a Ukrainian Antarctic Station at Marina Point on Galindez Island, its employees wrote on Facebook on Dec. 9,

Icebreaker ARA Irízar ready to start Summer Antarctic Campaign
MercoPress, 2022-12-16
Argentine Navy’s icebreaker ARA Almirante Irízar was ordered Thursday to set sail with over 300 people onboard among military and scientific personnel, marking the official beginning of the 2022/23 Summer Antarctic campaign.