Antarctic Watch Headlines 12/23/2019

China’s 36th Antarctic expedition team work on Xuelong 2
Xinhua, 2019-12-23
Members of China’s 36th Antarctic expedition team collect conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD) data at China’s polar icebreaker Xuelong 2 in the Southern Ocean, Dec. 17, 2019. (Xinhua/Liu Shiping)

Real-life travel destinations seen in the Star Wars films
Radio Times, 2019-12-23
And in recent years, the billion-pound sci-fi franchise has landed in every continent bar Australia and Antarctica. Scenes have been shot in deserts and on glaciers, in jungles and up mountains, and at popular holiday destinations: the Maldives, Italy’s Lake Como and Ireland’s rugged west coast. Jyn’s visit to Jedha in Rogue One As well …

This Expedition Company Is Helping Artisans Transform Trash Into Treasure
Forbes, 2019-12-23
Ship-based voyages take intrepid travelers to remote destinations, including the Galápagos, Antarctica, the Arctic and the Russian Far East. The expeditions also go to popular places like Costa Rica, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, South Pacific, Caribbean and the Amazon. On these trips, guests interact with and learn from scientists …

“Disturbing” discovery: Giant hole found under Antarctica glacier
CBS News, 2019-01-31
Researchers say a massive cavity the size of two-thirds of Manhattan was found under a glacier in Antarctica. The pocket is a sign of “rapid decay” and just one of “several disturbing discoveries” made recently regarding the glacier, NASA’s Jet Propulsion …

Thaw of Himalayas set to disrupt Asia’s rivers, crops: study
Reuters, 2019-02-05
Vast glaciers make the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) region – which is home to the world’s highest peaks topped by Mount Everest and K2 – a “third pole” behind Antarctica and the Arctic region, they said. “This is the climate crisis you haven’t heard …

Scientists struggle to save seagrass from coastal pollution
Washington Post, 2019-12-23
They are found along coastlines around the world except Antarctica’s. Seagrasses, which cover less than 0.2% of the world’s oceans, store twice as much carbon in a given area as temperate and tropical forests, a study by the United Nations-affiliated Blue Carbon Initiative found. But seagrass meadows in many places are imperiled by coastal …

We Are Behind The Eight Ball; Time For Plan B
Forbes, 2019-12-23
Humans are the only species to live on all seven continents, from the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the peaks of Tibet to the Amazon jungle to the frozen wasteland of Antarctica. The only way we have been able to inhabit such a wide range of ecological niches is because of our creativity and adaptability. Similarly, you are able to read this …

Minivan accident kills beloved Navy doctor
Navy Times, 2019-12-23
“He was universally respected and admired by his fellow residents, faculty and laboratory staff,” the program said. It noted that his athletic drive — he ran a marathon on a ship’s treadmill in Antarctica, his mother said — carried over into his work. “He was a devoted son, brother, and uncle, rabid Louisiana State University and …

Japan’s unviable whaling nationalism
The Japan Times, 2019-12-23
But there are reasons for doubting how far those plans can be realized. First, under the terms of its withdrawal from the IWC, Japan has abandoned research whaling in the Antarctic, where there are plentiful Minke whale stocks, and will now conduct commercial whaling in accordance with strict quotas in its exclusive economic zone. Whale stocks …

Bitcoin’s 2019 in Lightning: What This Year Brought Us (Part 2)
Nasdaq, 2019-12-23
This person was incentivized to add 100,000 sats and pass it to another person, and so on and so forth. 292 hops later, and the payment had been to every continent save Antarctica and 56 countries in total. Other anonymous accounts (like this one dude named FartFace) and even Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey (yes, seriously) passed the Torch …

Editor’s recap: Menhaden moratorium; Chile seeks $70m price-fixing fine from feed giants; CapVest eyes more buyouts
Undercurrent News, 2019-12-23
These could be as add-ons to Young’s or a standalone investment, to use as another consolidation platform, which is what sell-side boutique Antarctica Advisers was marketing Sea Watch as. CapVest’s talks to buy Sea Watch ended in the summer — around the same time the Young’s deal was finally announced — when a deluge in the clam supply …

The Boston Marathon’s 63-year-old race director just finished one of running’s most grueling challenges, 2018-04-04
McGillivray, the race director of the Boston Marathon, completed the World Marathon Challenge in January. After covering 26.2 miles in the Antarctic Circle to raise money for the Martin Richard Foundation, he did the same in Cape Town, Perth, Dubai …

Global Data Center Support Infrastructure Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts to 2025 –
Digital Journal, 2019-12-19
DUBLIN–(Business Wire)–The “Data Center Support Infrastructure – Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts” report has been added to’s offering. The Data Center Support Infrastructure market worldwide is projected to grow by US$35.9 …

OPINION: The ice age of capitalism is starting to thaw
Thomson Reuters Foundation, 2019-11-15
ARCHIVE PHOTO/Melting ice shows through at a cliff face at Landsend, on the coast of Cape Denison, Antarctica January 2, 2010. REUTERS/Pauline Askin A revolution is underway to transform the 19th century construct of capitalism, so that it may justly …

Whales under threat as climate change impacts migration
Inquirer Technology, 2015-12-02
These whales swim thousands of kilometers each year from Antarctica to the waters around the equator to have their young, which measure three to 4.5 meters at birth and can weigh up to one tonne. But as ocean temperatures rise, whales are migrating …

Article shows serious action is needed on global warming
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2018-06-17
The article published by the Post-Dispatch on Antarctica is a serious matter that should convince even the most ardent climate change skeptic that serious action is needed to deal with global warming (“Antarctic ice loss has tripled in a decade.

Same-sex penguin couple to raise ‘genderless’ chick
Hindustan Times, 2019-09-12
Over the past few years, gay penguin couples at zoos in London, Berlin and New York have made global headlines, with two male penguins hatching Sea Life Sydney Aquarium’s first sub-Antarctic chick, following a successful trial with a dummy egg.

What Earth’s Gravity Reveals About Climate Change
SpaceRef, 2019-04-17
Within the first two years of the mission it was already possible to observe clear signals of ice-mass loss in Greenland and Antarctica. The measured data showed that that 60 percent of the total mass-loss is due to enhanced melt production in response to …

Global collaboration captures first images of black hole
The Engineer, 2019-04-11
The telescopes are located in volcanoes in Hawai’i and Mexico, mountains in Arizona and in the Spanish Sierra Nevada, the Chilean Atacama Desert, and Antarctica. Whilst not physically connected, the telescoped synchronise their recorded data with atomic …

You’ll soon be able to ice-skate with real penguins in London, and PETA isn’t happy
Metro, 2019-01-12
‘Penguins are amazingly adapatable creatures, some are at home on beaches of South-Africa and others rule over the Antarctic ice. We are excited to see them make QUEENS ice rink their home for the afternoon!’ Now, to be clear, we don’t think the …