Antarctic Watch Headlines 12/26/2019

Kick Off the New Decade With One of These Life-Affirming Cruises
Bloomberg on, 2019-12-26
The Caribbean still reigns supreme when it comes to cruising, but there’s a whole new world to explore. Classic ports such as the Bahamas are recovering, new itineraries are opening up in Japan for the 2020 Summer Olympics, and luxury options abound in the Seychelles. Here are eight places to prioritize in 2020. Remember when Olympic …

‘Ring Of Fire’ Eclipse Sweeps Across Skies In Middle East And Southeast Asia
NPR, 2019-12-26
But that phenomenon will be very short, with the full effect lasting less than a minute. The second eclipse that’s predicted for 2020 will take place at the end of the year, and it will be visible only in South America and Antarctica.

Asia, Arabian Peninsula, Philippines see decade’s final solar eclipse, 2019-12-26
Thursday’s was just 75 miles wide. The next solar eclipse, another annular eclipse, will be seen June 21 and will be visible across central Africa, parts of the Middle East, northern India and China. The next total solar eclipse will come on Dec. 14, 2020, and will be visible from southwestern Africa, Antarctica, southern Chile and Argentina.

Utah in 2019: Trump slapped down, Nelson revved up, campus protests break out, stronger beer brought in, Mendenhall moves up, taxes go down
The Salt Lake Tribune, 2019-12-26
Whenever the sons and daughters of God weep — for whatever reasons — we weep. So, our supplications to the Lord continued.” In March, the globe-trotting Nelson, who has visited every continent save Antarctica since taking the church’s helm, became the first Mormon prophet to meet with a Catholic pontiff in a 33-minute audience with Pope …

Oklahoma man makes it home for Christmas after almost becoming stranded in Antarctica
Oklahoma’s News, 2019-12-26
Brent Doeksen spent three weeks in Antarctica as part of the Seven Summit Challenge, a challenge to climb to the highest point of every continent. He told FOX 23 that everything was going as planned until it was time to board a flight to come home. Doeksen says the group he was with became stranded at Union Glacier Camp after the Chilean …

Local educator heads to Antarctica on a once-in-a-lifetime expedition
Local News 8, 2019-12-26
REXBURG, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) – Sharee Barton’s itinerary will take her from Idaho to Argentina, to Australia and finally Antarctica on a National Geographic Explorer Ship. She will join 45 other selected teachers on Friday for a unique field-based educational experience with the Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship. “Aboard that ship will be naturalist …

Exclusive: After Cabinet Opposed Mexican Cartel Policy, Trump Forged Ahead
New York Times, 2019-12-26
“The pool of applicants could logically extend beyond Mexico. While Mexican cartels’ territorial stronghold is within their own country, they have representatives on every continent except Antarctica.” Jason Blazakis, who oversaw the designation process at the State Department’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau from 2008-2018, said that in …

Antarctica tourism: the quest for Earth’s vulnerable extremes
Inquirer Technology, 2019-12-06
ANTARCTICA — The swimsuit-clad tourists leap into the icy water, gasping at the shock, and startling a gaggle of penguins. They are spectators at the end of the world, luxury visitors experiencing a vulnerable ecosystem close-up. And their very presence …

Antarctica visitors increase 4.6% in 2015/16; IAATO celebrates 25th anniversary
MercoPress, 2019-12-07
Tourism growth management is a topic for discussion at IAATO’s annual meeting, which in 2016 celebrates 25 years CEO Dr. Kim Crosbie said that with careful management it is possible for visitors to experience Antarctica without an adverse impact on the …

Review: Phoenix Point
Hardcore Gamer, 2019-12-26
The premise behind the story isn’t hard to grasp. A long-dormant virus known simply as the Pandoravirus has been let loose after years of the Antarctic polar ice melting. What starts as increased mutation and violence in the sea life soon sweeps to the land — infecting humanity, and as you may have guessed, leaving us on the brink of …

‘I lost my wife and job when I got Parkinson’s, now I run ultra marathons’
Metro, 2019-12-26
Alex will face more cold conditions towards the end of his eight month schedule, in Antarctica (Picture: Scott Gilmour) Alex says he has helped to raise some $500,000 for Parkinson’s charities (Picture: Adrian Scarbrough) Alex was diagnosed in 2008 (Picture: 10millionmetres) Speaking exclusively to, he explained: ‘My feet are …

Shropshire ultra-marathon runner Susannah hopes book will be a runaway success
Shropshire Star, 2019-12-26
In the process she ran in to the female world record holder. Readers are taken on a whistle-stop global tour, from the icy snow of Antarctica all the way around the world to the warmth of Miami’s South Beach. Finished 777 with a 3:26:24 marathon along South Beach and set a new World Record in the process!! What a week!! Thank you for all the …

Rob Pengson proves why he’s one of our most talented Chefs, 2019-12-26
Plump pigeon will also be added once they arrive from France. At this point, the convivial chef broke out a bottle of Godet Antarctica Icy White, a special clear cognac a friend gave him as a gift. It went well with the main course, Bistek, a Pinoy staple elevated with wagyu rib-eye gold, red wine instead of vinegar and a flavorful oxtail …

Global Warming — Scientists Revealed How Much Ice We Have Lost During The Past Decade
greatlakesledger, 2019-12-26
It rises in the winter and decreases in the summer. Recently, however, we can notice that there’s less of the first and more of the latter. We are currently in the middle of the fastest deterioration of Arctic sea ice in 1,500 years due to global warming. Also, in the past decade, the level of ice melt in Antarctica tripled contrasted to 2007.

Natural weapons put malaria on notice: eco-friendly insecticides in Eswatini
CNBC Africa, 2019-12-26
Because of its high stability and persistence, decades of DDT use around the globe mean toxic residues can now be found everywhere, from the open oceans to Himalayan glaciers, with the chemical even appearing in polar bear populations in the Arctic and penguin colonies in Antarctica. While DDT is still permitted for use in indoor vector control …

Things To Do In And Around Paulding County County This Summer
USA Patch, 2019-06-20
5. June 21 marks the beginning of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The forecast high temperature for the first day of winter in Esperanza, located on the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula (the coldest place on Earth), is 8 degrees, with a low of …

How To Eat Mindfully So You Can Keep A Healthy Relationship With Food
Medical Daily, 2019-08-27
After Staying In Antarctica, Scientists’ Brains Shrank A Bit Per a news release, a group of scientists who did an extended stay in Antarctica experienced a slight shrinking of their brains’ hippocampus.

Sketch of suspect who brutally beat high school students at FIU is released
Miami Herald, 2018-09-13
Bela, who is recovering, had her picture taken Thursday morning in the hospital with Channel 10 news reporter Kristi Krueger and Zoo Miami communications director Ron Magill, who is scheduled to accompany her to Antarctica in February. Bela’s right eye …

Penguin diets key to understanding how climate change could affect humans: study, 2019-12-04
“Another million people perhaps died from starvation and starvation related diseases.” William Patterson spent time observing Adelie penguins on a small Antarctic island. (Submitted by William Patterson) For people in a lower income bracket, they may end …