Antarctic Watch Headlines 12/27/2019

What To Look For In The Founding Members Of Your Startup Team
Forbes, 2019-12-27
When building a team for the Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition in 1908, Ernest Shackleton wanted to hire men for a hazardous journey. His recruiting ad read: “Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in the event of success.” Shackleton was not necessarily looking for the best …

China’s expedition team obtains rare Antarctic fish samples from deep water
Xinhua, 2019-12-27
Aerial photo taken on Dec. 26, 2019 shows members of China’s 36th Antarctic expedition team aboard China’s polar icebreaker Xuelong 2 take back a trawl in the Cosmonauts Sea. The expedition team obtained a collection of rare Antarctic fish samples from the waters at a depth of nearly 1,100 meters during the latest trawling and sampling …

This is the world’s loneliest cash machine – but where can it be found?, 2019-12-27
Antarctica doesn’t have much in the way of people but the up to one thousand of them who spend time at the McMurray Station science base do need cash from time to time. For such occasions Wells Fargo Bank installed what could be the world’s loneliest cash machine. Actually there are two of them but one is only there to be cannibalised for parts …

Chile: Plane that vanished en route to Antarctica found
The News Tribune, 2019-12-12
Searchers combing Antarctic seas have recovered parts of a military transport plane and human remains belonging to some of the 38 people aboard who vanished en route to the frozen continent, Chilean officials said Thursday. Air Force Gen. Arturo Merino …

A Boston University professor has been accused of sexually harassing 2 female researchers on Antarctic expeditions, 2017-10-16
Boston University is investigating allegations that one of its professors — a prominent geologist — sexually harassed two of his graduate students on field expeditions to Antarctica almost two decades ago. The two women who have filed Title IX …

Avengers: Endgame Plot Hole Points Out a Better Way to Beat Thanos, 2019-12-27
Strange even uses his Sling Ring in Avengers: Infinity War to dispatch one of Thanos’ children, sending the giant Cull Obsidian to the Antarctic (though his arm managed to squeeze back through and land in New York). So that in mind, Strange is well aware that this tactic could work, but it would likely just delay the inevitable.

The Outlaw Ocean
Reason, 2019-12-27
He’s a dogged investigator, and it’s fascinating to watch him peel back the story of how, say, a fishing vessel flagged to a West African country, skippered by a Costa Rican captain, owned by shell companies connected to Spanish organized crime, and crewed by trafficked Malaysians can offload to a U.S. port an illegal catch of Antarctic …

Cabinet opposed Mexican cartel policy, Trump forged ahead
Dhaka Tribune, 2019-12-27
“The pool of applicants could logically extend beyond Mexico. While Mexican cartels’ territorial stronghold is within their own country, they have representatives on every continent except Antarctica.” Jason Blazakis, who oversaw the designation process at the State Department’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau from 2008-2018, said that in …

Obituary: Stephen W. Gordon
Portland Press Herald, 2019-12-27
Steve earned a bachelor’s degree in geology from NYU in 1962. He put his education to good use joining a five-year research expedition around in the southern hemisphere with a focus on the Antarctic. He made several contributions to science including the mapping of several ocean currents.After returning to NYC he met the woman he would marry …

After Cabinet opposed Trump plan to brand Mexican drug cartels as terror groups, he forged ahead
The Japan Times, 2019-12-26
“The pool of applicants could logically extend beyond Mexico. While Mexican cartels’ territorial stronghold is within their own country, they have representatives on every continent except Antarctica.” Jason Blazakis, who oversaw the designation process at the State Department’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau from 2008-2018, said that in …

Glimpses 2019: This was a year of protests. What did we learn from them?
The Week, 2019-12-27
2019 was no exception and saw protests break out on every continent on earth including Antarctica. As we move into a new decade, how many of 2019’s protests are likely to achieve their objectives? The 3.5 per cent rule may come in handy here. While no unifying thread can link these protests, which emerged out of a combination of history …

Russia is dominating the Arctic, but it’s not looking to fight over it
CNBC, 2019-12-27
Russia has been quietly expanding its political, economic and military influence in the Arctic. Russia’s coastline accounts for 53% of Arctic Ocean coastline and the country’s population in the region totals roughly 2 million people. While the world focuses on trade wars and shifting geopolitical dynamics, Russia has been quietly expanding its …

Warming toll: 1 degree hotter, trillions of tons of ice gone
The Charlotte Observer, 2019-12-01
The Antarctic ice sheet lost 3 trillion tons (2.7 trillion metric tons) of ice from 1992 to 2017, according to a study in the journal Nature. — The global sea level has risen on average 2.9 millimeters a year since 1992. That’s a total of 78.3 …

Cinnamon Side Effects: Having Too Much Of This Spice Could Damage Liver
Medical Daily, 2019-09-27
Dragon fruit is a rich source of dietary fiber, magnesium and riboflavin. Per a news release, a group of scientists who did an extended stay in Antarctica experienced a slight shrinking of their brains’ hippocampus.

Stephen Hawking’s theory on everything, in his words
The Times of Northwest Indiana, 2018-03-14
“I have always tried to overcome the limitations of my condition and lead as full a life as possible. I have traveled the world, from the Antarctic to zero gravity. Perhaps one day I will go into space.” — to the New York Times in 2011. “I have already …

Jackson’s International Food and Art Festival brings different cultures together
The Jackson Sun, 2019-09-30
Attendees were able to try food from cultures on five of the seven continents — all but Australia and Antarctica. This included dishes like Mexican street corn, Guatemalan tostadas, French macarons and traditional Middle Eastern desserts like baklava. “

Bizarre ancient ‘mould pigs’ are newly discovered type of animal that don’t fit current categories
The Sun, 2019-10-09
The findings were published in the journal Invertebrate Biology. In other news, the fossilised remains of a “real-life Loch Ness Monster” found in Antarctica was the biggest sea dinosaur to ever live. A huge 6.5ft thigh bone belonging to the world’s …

A topless show in Las Vegas turns 30? That’s ‘Crazy’
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2017-10-18
20: Touring versions of the show have played on six continents (Antarctica being the exception). 19: Jennifer Aleman, wife of Norbert is the show’s director and choreographer. She is also a former cast member. 18: The production was the subject of the …

10 Things to Know for Today
BND, 2019-12-10
7. CHILE MILITARY PLANE MISSING ON WAY TO ANTARCTICA A search and rescue operation is underway after the air force loses radio contact with a transport plane carrying 38 people, and authorities are not optimistic about the aircraft’s fate. 8. WHERE GLOBAL …

Another excuse for watching Love Island
The Guardian, 2019-06-27
As for the Fuchs headline (Letters, 26 June), I can vouch for the fact that not long before I went to work for the Diamond Fields Advertiser in Kimberley, the paper had aroused worldwide mirth with “Sir Vivian Fuchs off to Antarctica again”.