Antarctic Watch Headlines 12/28/2019

6 men become 1st to cross perilous Drake Passage unassisted
Boston Herald, 2019-12-28
They dodged icebergs, held their breaths as giant whales breached near their small boat and rode building-sized waves while rowing 24 hours a day toward Antarctica. The team of men from four countries finished crossing the Drake Passage on Wednesday in just under two weeks after pushing off from the southern tip of South America. “This is a …

Bay Area Man Among 1st Crew to Row Across Drake Passage
CBS Boston / WBZ, 2019-12-28
They dodged icebergs, held their breaths as giant whales breached near their small boat and rode building-sized waves while rowing 24 hours a day toward Antarctica. This image released by Discovery shows a scene from “The Impossible Row,” documenting endurance athlete Colin O’Brady and his crew’s crossing of the treacherous icy waters …

Rising Sea Level and RE: How Serious Is its Impact on CA’s Coastline?
Real Estate, 2019-10-11
For California, ice loss from Antarctica causes higher sea level rise than the global average. What’s the worst-case scenario regarding sea levels along California’s coastline? Stanley Lamport: The Council has projected that most of the California …

Boaty McBoatface reveals insights into Antarctic heating
The Engineer, 2019-06-19
The autonomous submarine to be housed on the UK’s new Antarctic research vessel, RSS Sir David Attenborough, has shed light on a key process linking increasing Antarctic winds to rising sea temperatures. Boaty McBoatface aboard RSS James Clark Ross.

Giant iceberg enters “final phase” of breaking away from Antarctica
New Atlas, 2019-04-08
A huge iceberg, roughly twice the size of New York City, is set to soon break off from the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica. With two large cracks due to meet within the next few months, a research station has already been relocated as scientists watch the …

Nasa warns ‘iceberg twice the size of MANHATTAN’ to break away from Antarctica
The Sun, 2019-02-26
Scientists are now “counting down” to the break-up, which could happen in under a year Cracks are quickly spreading across the Brunt Ice Shelf, with the main rift “accelerating northward as fast as 4km per year”. Nasa has been tracking the cracks on the …

Teens offer hope for tomorrow in ‘Antarctica, WI,’ ‘I and You’, 2018-04-09
Teens offer hope for tomorrow in ‘Antarctica, WI,’ ‘I and You’ In First Stage’s ‘Antarctica, WI’ and Next Act’s ‘I and You,’ teenage characters suggests ways to break free of racism, depression and other problems. Check out this story on …

Dream achieved: NC State grad breaks record for longest space flight by a woman
WBTV, 2019-12-29
Koch graduated from the NASA Academy program at Goddard Space Flight Center in 2001. She worked there as an electrical engineer before becoming a research associate in the United States Antarctic program, when she spent time at the South Pole. “When I was at the South Pole, the coldest it got — and I didn’t go outside — was minus 111 …

The news cycle isn’t all doom and gloom. Here are the good news stories you missed in 2019
ABC Health on, 2019-12-28
In a year marred by tragedy both at home and abroad, it can be easy to think of the news cycle as little more than doom and gloom. But beneath the sombre headlines were stories of hope and optimism that are bound to have even the most pessimistic among us struggling to stifle a smile.

Clipper Race: Smooth sailing to Tasmania
Scuttlebutt Sailing News, 2019-12-28
We should have stronger winds and a more favourable wind direction later in the day if we keep heading South. Our current course is about 170 degrees which would ironically take us to ‘Cape Goodenough’ – in Antarctica! This is a long race, but we are in a hurry to get around the bottom of Tasmania before the light wind re-establishes and …

Enda O’Coineen’s remarkable Journey To The Edge
The Irish News, 2019-12-28
“I was 180 miles south east of South Island New Zealand and the Antarctic was 200 miles in the other direction,” recalls the veteran sailor, who by this point had actually decided to reassess his love of risk-taking. “In getting half way around the world I had made it through two particularly bad storms,” O’Coineen continues. “I was celebrating …

Vietnam’s economy grows 7.02 pct in 2019
Xinhua, 2019-12-27
HANOI, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) — Vietnam achieved gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 7.02 percent in 2019, up from the annualized target of 6.6-6.8 percent, according to the country’s General Statistics Office on Friday. This is the second consecutive year …

U.S. to Blacklist Korea for Illegal Fishing
CHOSUNILBO, 2019-09-23
This is the second time since 2013 that the U.S. has threatened to blacklist Korea and comes after the Korean trawlers Southern Ocean and Hongjin 701 were caught fishing illegally off Antarctica in December 2017. In the report, the U.S. administration said …

Tanzanian president extends deadline for phone users’ biometric registration
Xinhua, 2019-12-27
DAR ES SALAAM, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) — Tanzanian President John Magufuli on Friday extended the deadline for biometric registration of phone users’ SIM cards for 20 more days beyond the earlier deadline of Dec. 31 set by the east African nation’s communication …

Blue Origin tweeted a cryptic photo of explorer Shackleton’s ship – here’s what it likely means
CNBC, 2019-04-26
Jeff Bezos’ space venture Blue Origin tweets a cryptic photo of Ernest Shackleton’s ship “Endurance.” One likely explanation is the possible connection between Shackleton’s expedition and Blue Origin’s bid to send astronauts back to the surface of the moon.

Mumbai, Kolkata may get flooded by 2050, says new research
Hindustan Times, 2019-10-30
But the study warns that under higher emissions scenarios, twenty-first century rise may exceed 2 m in the case of early-onset Antarctic ice sheet instability. Bangladesh and China will be the worst affected with about 93 and 42 million people respectively …

‘I was peeing and a polar bear popped up!’ Secrets of Seven Worlds, One Planet
The Guardian, 2019-11-26
The holy grail of wildlife-filming is to capture a great whale aggregation in Antarctica. We suspected something was happening in an area near Elephant Island, off the coast of Antarctica, but there was no way of telling whether the whales were just …

Peru says the country is ready to responsibly begin mining uranium
MercoPress, 2019-12-27
A representative from the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines said this weekend that the country is ready to start mining uranium in the southern Puno region. During a workshop on uranium mining targeted at public service personnel, Martha Vásquez, head …

Rare birds show up in Christmas Bird Count
Lincoln Journal Star, 2011-01-21
One never knows what will show up in a Christmas Bird Count. To the surprise and delight of local birdwatchers, a lone Greater Prairie-Chicken appeared at Pioneers Park on Dec. 18, the day of the Lincoln Christmas Bird Count. Birder Ruth Stearns of …

Atkore International Group Inc. Common Stock (ATKR) Earnings Report Date
Nasdaq, 2019-12-26
The upcoming earnings date is derived from an algorithm based on a company’s historical reporting dates. It is possible that this date will be updated in the future, once the company announces the actual date. Data Provider: Zacks Investment Research. New …