Antarctic Watch Headlines 11/19/2023

Boeing 787 lands on frozen Antarctic runway
BBC, 2023-11-18
A Boeing 787 made an icy landing at the Troll Airfield in Queen Maud Land, Antarctic. On board were 45 researchers and 12 tonnes of research equipment, sent to the area as part of the Norwegian Polar Institute’s operations in the area. It’s the largest passenger plane to have ever landed on the continent, the Institute said.

Video shows largest passenger jet ever to land on Antarctic ice field
YAHOO!News, 2023-11-16
The largest aircraft ever to land in Antarctica touched down on a runway on the Troll Airfield, paving the way for more research in the remote, frosty area. The 787 Dreamliner, flown by the Norwegian Polar Institute,

Australian animal fears as bird flu hits the Antarctic
Australian Associated Press, 2023-11-18
Australia is preparing for a bird flu onslaught that could do untold harm to native species, as scientists wait to see what will happen in Antarctica.

Researchers: Collapse of West Antarctic ice sheet is still preventable—if we act fast to keep future warming in check, 2023-11-14
Projecting when and how fast the West Antarctic Ice Sheet will lose mass due to current and future global ocean warming—and the likely impact on sea level rise and coastal communities—is a priority for climate science.

Climate engineering could slow Antarctic ice loss, study says, 2023-11-15
Scattering sunlight-reflecting particles in the atmosphere could slow rapid melting in West Antarctica and reduce the risk of catastrophic sea-level rise, according to a study led by Indiana University researchers.

2 weeks after being accused of Antarctic assault, man was sent to remote icefield with young grad students
CBS News, 2023-11-06
A man accused of assault in Antarctica was then sent to look after the safety of a professor and three young graduate students on a remote icefield.

Man accused of Antarctic assault was then sent to remote icefield with young graduate students
Washington Times, 2023-11-18
The case raises further questions about decision-making in the U.S. Antarctic Program, which is already under scrutiny. An AP investigation in August uncovered a pattern of women at McMurdo who …

What’s Happening: ‘Addams Family’ ‘Antarctic Dinosaurs,’ Sunday Assembly and more
Yahoo, 2023-11-17
Your 10-day forecast for Nov. 17-26 includes “The Ultimate Christmas Show,” a Christmas Train, the Cane Boil and Fiddle Fest and “A Christmas Carol.”

Seals with funny hats are helping map the Antarctic seascape
Popular Science, 2023-11-06
To map the seafloor and the glaciers in the Antarctic sea, scientists catch a ride with seals that have the inside scoop.

Largest jet to ever land on Antarctic ice field caught on video
YAHOO!News, 2023-11-17
On Wednesday the crew at the Norwegian Polar Institute in Troll, Maud Land, Antarctica welcomed a 787 Dreamliner with 45 researchers and 13 tons of equipment. This was the largest ever plane to land on the ice runway,